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Thank-you for contacting us

Our street address is:

The Country House at Hunchy

813 Hunchy Rd, Hunchy

Near Montville QLD 4560

Phone: 07 5478 5895
Mobile: 0419 421 222 or

0411 558 006

We’re looking forward to hearing from you direct to answer your query & offer you the best deal you will find!

 Please click on our email address to email us with your query or comment

Reception Hours & Time Differences

Our normal Reception Hours are 8am to 8pm but we are available most of the day & evening.

You can email us anytime & we will respond as soon as we can.

Link to our Chatbot 24/7 where you see the Messenger symbol!

Just type in Subscribe & then type a question!

If you want to chat direct with us type in Talk to the Owner

Queensland time is usually the same as Australian Eastern Standard time but we have not adopted Daylight Saving. So during our summer Queensland is 1 hour behind the rest of the Australian Eastern States.

For our international website visitors Queensland is GMT + 10 hours. For example during the UK winter we are 10 hours in front & in the UK summer we are 9 hours in front of UK time.

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