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A short rainforest stroll to give you a tiny flavour of our pristine Rainforest environment

A short rainforest stroll
A short stroll around the Homestead

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We start a short rainforest stroll near the main entrance gate and wend our way around the southern side of the Homestead

It only takes a few minutes

However as mentioned in the image above and the video below this stroll is only recommended when it is dry, you can maintain balance and can easily negotiate up and down slopes

You will some some delightful plants and trees along the way

Listen for all kinds of bird song and look up and down as you go – see if you can identify what signs there are of local wildlife using this track

We made a video of a short rainforest stroll around the Homestead to give you an idea of the terrain and environment you will experience

Click here for the associated video

Extract from ‘A Landholders Guide to Living on the Blackall Range’

(3rd Edition, Edited by Elaine Green, published by Barung Landcare supported by Sunshine Coast Council, pp 108, 109)

The Blackall Range is something rare in the modern world. A flourishing natural landscape. A place where people want to settle to live productive, healthy lives. Nature is still abundant, wildlife still thrives. Just within the Sunshine Coast Region there are 84 different types of native ecosystems. This great diversity of habitat is home to over 1,600 native plant species and over 700 native animal species. It is a national ‘hotspot’ for diversity of native plants and animals.

Protecting threatened habitats and species is a high priority for the work of Hinterland Bush Links (Land for Wildlife properties). Many are found on private land. You can help by protecting and extending wildlife habitate to favour animals and plants that are under threat of extenction in the Hinterland.

We do our bit!

We are an accredited Sustainable Tourism business

We are members of Land for Wildlife and Gardens for Wildlife and we practise sustainable business activities every day

Please do your bit

Take away only memories and photos…here are some of ours

A short rainforest stroll
Leave only footprints

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