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Here is where you will find links to our Blogs which we will add to from time to time

What do we mean by Blogs? Why add them?

They are informative articles about our Property, our Backyard (the Sunshine Coast Hinterland especially the Blackall Range) and our Region (the Sunshine Coast)

The Context

The first inhabitants of the Sunshine Coast were the people of the Gubbi Gubbi (Kabi Kabi) language group whose ancestors came to the region as far back as 30,000 years

When explorers came to the district they observed their Indigenous neighbours and considered them some of the healthiest Aborigines ever seen due to the abundant local food sources

The Gubbi Gubbi language group comprised of four main clans which were the Undanbi (or Undumbi), Nalbo, Dulingbara and Gubbi Gubbi peoples

The first sightings and observations in the district were recorded by explorers occurred on 17 May 1770, when botanist Joseph Banks who was on board Lieutenant James Cook’s H. M. Bark Endeavour observed water of a different colour discharging south into the ocean

This waterway was later to become known as Pumicestone Passage. Cook too observed the unusual surroundings in the district close by, noting the prominent hills and calling them the Glass Houses

These ‘prominent hills’ reminded Lieutenant Cook of the glass making furnaces in Cook’s native homeland around Yorkshire, England

He described their location in his log so as to guide future explorers to these conspicuous landmarks

Mary Cairncross, Maleny, Sunshine Coast

The articles are designed to help readers understand what they can expect when they are planning to visit and stay

In other words, the articles are an aid to readers understanding the context and experiences awaiting them!

If you think we can add an article about a particular subject which you think will add to the reader’s experience please let us know

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